Women Pushing Past Obstacles: A Photo Essay

Around the world, women are working to enrich their lives and the lives of their families through working in small enterprises. Microfinance is one of the tools helping women in developing countries to develop their businesses. In this photo essay, Anjali Banthia, a Senior Associate at Women’s World Banking, a nonprofit microfinance organization that works globally to support women’s empowerment, captures the profiles of women who are bettering their situations thanks to small loans. Banthia’s role at WWB includes designing and delivering action-oriented research to support WWB’s programs in savings, micro-insurance, credit and remittances for women and girls.

Here, her pictures and words remind us of the woman named Rubina who was the original inspiration for this online shop and magazine.

Kari Litzmann was inspired to start Rubina after a research trip on women’s sewing workshops in Pakistan where she witnessed the socio-economic barriers many women face when desiring to start businesses. At the same time, she also observed the potential positive impact of supporting women entrepreneurs. While in Pakistan, Kari met a woman named Rubina who wanted to start her own business because her husband did not work and they had two children to support.

The photographs below illustrate examples of how microfinance is helping women uplift themselves and their businesses, families and communities

(Click on the thumbs below to view a slideshow of women entrepreneurs around the world. All photos taken by Anjali Banthia for Women’s World Banking.)


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