The women of WORK+SHELTER

by Kari Litzmann

With a little bit a luck and a lot of direction-asking, in the very northern outskirts of New Delhi, you can find the tiny neighborhood where WORK+SHELTER calls home. (It’s not even on google maps, y’all.) Inside the small 3-room building, you’ll meet six women who work five days a week, earning more than the average market salary for their work knitting beautiful products, such as shawls, gloves, clutches, dolls, and most recently cowls, for a growing number of clients around the world.

I visited them a couple times while I was on my 5-month trek around India to scout out new partners to work with Rubina – once in January and once right before I came back to the States. It was amazing how within that short amount of time, I was able to build life-long friendships with some of these women, see a drastic improvement in their craft skills and sense of purpose, and gain an unmatched level of respect for the determination each of them brings to building this organization for themselves, the future women they will bring on board, and their families.

This is not just a local Indian effort. WORK+SHELTER is the mastermind of co-founders Theresa Vandermeer and Namita Krul, and supported by a team that is situated literally all over the world. You can read more about WORK+SHELTER here. In the meantime, want to meet them? Come on!

Let me introduce you to the WORK+SHELTER ladies around the world:

(click on the thumbnails to view the essay)

Want to keep up with them too?

To learn about other projects the W+S co-founders are working on, visit their websites: Namita Krul and Theresa Vandermeer.

To connect with the pattern designers, visit their websites here: Katie Canavan and Allyson Dykhuizen.

To keep up with the wonderful and ever-improving work of the WORK+SHELTER ladies, visit:


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