Women In: An Interview with NYC Personal Stylist Sharon Sim

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1. What led you to do what you’re doing?
About 10 years ago, I started working in fashion by doing window display for major department stores and small boutiques in Los Angeles. Within a couple years, I got exposure to personal and red-carpet styling. From there on, I naturally became more and more gravitated to helping real people look and feel great.

2. What surprised or challenged you along the way?
Meeting a new client for the first 30 minutes and doing wardrobe consultations would be the most “challenging.” For some clients, it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and allow a stranger to inspect their closets in such short time upon meeting. Also, red-carpet is always a challenge when working with more than one client because there’s so much to do in so little time!

3. How are you having an impact?
I’d like to think I help people feel better about themselves! Confidence is always best when it’s real. Many men and women see something they liked on someone else or from a magazine and desire to duplicate it on themselves. In some cases, it works. But in other cases, it doesn’t. Whether it does or doesn’t, I aim to make sure the client still gets a similar “look,” but with their own flare that suits them—a similar look, but to make it their own.


4. What advice would you give to other who are trying to empower women?
Stay positive, stay strong and make good decisions to become a better you.

5. What was a turning point in your life?
The biggest turning point in my life was my first year in New York; styling for major brands, look books and magazine editorials was definitely new to me. I went from shopping for people one-on-one to working with a different crew everyday in studios. Not to mention,  the weather, the competition, the energy, the hustle and the cost of living in NYC was a turning point that changed my life, too.


6. Who was or is your mentor or inspiration?
My inspiration is my dad. I have memories of being young and watching him work so hard to take care of our family. From struggles to accomplishments, I’ve seen my dad go through many hardships to become the successful man he has become today. He has always been supportive of my career and helped out in any shape or form. As an entrepreneur and business man, he always gives me great advice for everything.

7. What do you see as the future of your enterprise or project?
I see the future of my project(s) to be more universal for women of all types to relate to; to travel and visit countries all over the world and get more inspiration from different lifestyles.  I’d also like to see myself take things to the next level (business-wise) and really help people feel more and more confident of their appearances, no matter what size/age/style—with or without a stylist!

8. Can you give our audience a few recommendations of ethical or fair trade fashion brands?
My favorites lately are…




Want to get styled by Sharon?
Contact her through: keatonrow.com/stylist/sharon
And check out her website: dripbook.com/sharonfrances


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